I am bad at updating website

I am bad at updating website

posted 18 January 2014

It’s been nearly five months since my zero faithful blag readers have heard from me. HELLO FAITHFUL READERS.

I guess I’ve been a bit too busy with work, travel, and work to update.

This site runs Jekyll and I recall that at some point I migrated from vanilla github pages Jekyll to one of those two-branch solutions where I compile the page myself before pushing to master, ensuring that I can actually use 3rd party plugins.

I loaded it up today wondering how on earth I was going to remember how to deploy my site to actually publish this post. Then I looked at my Rakefile. I love finding out that I planned ahead… if only I could remember where I stole half of it from…

$ rake publish && git push --all

Thanks, past me!


I could give a long talk about everything I’ve done since I moved in in August, but it turns out I have photos:

I’m used to the fact that I live in Sydney now. Work is going well, I’m settled into my apartment and lifestyle.

I still miss my friends and family. I miss my boyfriend, who won’t move here until July. Mostly life is awesome, I think being a little lonely for a while is the universe trying to keep me balanced.




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