Updates from Sydney

Updates from Sydney

posted 20 August 2013

Today I signed the tenancy agreement for my new apartment. It’s gorgeous — a sunny little studio at the city end of Glebe, with a raised partition for the bedroom hidden behind a half wall. The walls are covered with artwork: silhouettes of birds, leaves, trees. I’m in love.

I got to Sydney at 10:30am on the 8th of August. Took a cab from the airport, dropped my bags at the hotel, pulled on a clean shirt and ran straight out the door to go to the office and have a social lunch with my team.
I went from the office to the bank, and activated my account. From the bank to the nearest Optus store, picked up a pre-paid sim card, and finally from there back home to tell everyone my new cell number.

On the Friday I went supermarket shopping, applied for my tax file number, met a friend for lunch. By about 3pm I realised that I’d run all of the errands set aside for my first weekend.

I was going to start flat hunting in the middle of August. Instead, I went out on the Saturday. My new place is the second of ten that I viewed that day… The more apartments I looked at, the more I wanted this one.

I submitted my application at about 9pm Sunday evening; by midday Monday, it was accepted.

So far, working at Google is a lot like attending university.

The first few days are showing up, being given stationery and introductory material.
You’re told how to find things, what facilities are available on campus, and how to use your email.

The rest of the week, I’ve shown up at work in the morning and eaten breakfast there, because I was too lazy to have any at home.
I sit at a computer programming for most of the day, surrounded by cool, nerdy people who I can ask for advice, or just generally be social with.

Inevitably, I end up staying longer than I intended and having dinner at work instead of at home. Today was the first day since I started that I’ve eaten dinner outside of the office.

Like assignments, the first little project I actually have to work on is straightforward — I’ve almost finished it. Polishing to do, submission, code review… And like assignments, I’m expecting the second project to be exponentially harder.

My job is just like attending university, only the facilities are better, the problems more interesting, and I get paid to be there.
I’m loving every minute of it :)



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