(pacman) resolving missing dependencies

(pacman) resolving missing dependencies

posted 18 March 2013

I was in dependency hell on my last system update. I’m impatient, so I resolve dependency hell by bypassing dependency checks altogether.

Having successfully run pacman -Sudd, I’m now stuck with some missing dependencies and a major headache every time I try to run things… Yay!

The official way to search your Arch system for missing dependencies is the testdb command.

testdb is useless for piping into pacman: it doesn’t have any special piped output, nor does it have a linear option like pactree (♥ pactree -l).

The resulting output is a mess of human readableness

missing dependency for blender : openshadinglanguage
missing dependency for gnome-settings-daemon : ibus
missing dependency for lib32-mesa : lib32-libdrm
missing dependency for lib32-mesa : lib32-systemd
missing dependency for libpurple : farstream-0.1
missing dependency for mga-dri : mesa-libgl
missing dependency for openimageio : intel-tbb
missing dependency for workrave : gtkmm3
missing dependency for workrave : python2-cheetah

Fortunately this is pretty easily cleaned up with a little bit of commandline magic We can cut this at ”:”, grab the second half, and then trim off the leading whitespace.

# testdb | cut -d: -f2 | sed s"/ //g"  

This list can then be piped into pacman :

# testdb | cut -d: -f2 | sed s"/ //g" | pacman -S -

But for me, this doesn’t end here.

The reason I ran an -Sdd in the first place was I have some weird dependency conflicts between mesa-libgl and my nvidia drivers, and I can’t be bothered fixing those right now.

I could do a basic | grep -v "mesa-libgl", but I thought it would be nice to go through each package and check that it and its dependencies won’t cause me any problems

for line in `testdb | cut -d: -f2 | sed s"/ //g"`; do 
    pacman -S $line

Okay, so, I’m still left in dependency hell with libgl, but most of my system functions and my bash-fu is stronger.



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